RSWSU Vision                                                                     
The Vision of the RSWSU is an educational system which responds to the needs of students by providing learning experiences rich in creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, multimedia communication, and high expectations for students to demonstrate deep understanding and application.  

This vision incorporates
  • rigorous core academic experiences
  • opportunities to apply knowledge and skills locally, nationally and globally through performance based tasks, projects,  real world experiences, and authentic assessments
  • safe, diverse and nurturing learning communities in which all students achieve their highest potential, meeting and exceeding state and national standards
  • multi-age/cross cultural learning communities
  • integration of technology
  • self-directed learning plans and experiences based on interests and passions.
  • self-assessment and reflection
  • equitable access to highly skilled teachers, differentiated resources, and tiered interventions based on individual learning needs grades Pre-K through 12