F-1 StudentConduct & Discipline

F-1R Procedure: Student Conduct & Discipline

F-3 Search,Seizure, and Interview of Students BySchool Personnel

F-4 Search,Seizure and Interview of Students ByLaw Enforcement or Other Non-School Personnel

F-4R Releaseof Student to Law Enforcement & (FORM)

F-5 EducationRecord

F-6 StudentMedications

F-7 StudentAlcohol & Drugs

F-7R Procedure: Student Alcohol and Drugs

F-9 Transportation

F-9A Transportationof Students in Private Vehicles

F-14 Admissionof Non-Resident Students

F-15 StudentPublications

F-16 TuitionPayment

F-17 HeadLice

F-17R Procedure:for Handling Head Lice

F-19 LimitedEnglish Proficiency Students

F-21 Firearms

F-23 Participationof Home Study Students

F-25 StudentAttendance

F-25A Truancy

F-25A-R Procedures: Truancy

F-26 Useof Restraint and Seclusion

F-27 PupilPrivacy Rights

F-28 Wellness

F-30 Policyon Prevention of Harassment, Bullying and Hazing

F-30R Procedure:Prevention of Harassment, Bullying and Hazing

F-101 InternationalExchange Students

F-101R(PHS only) Procedure: International Exchange Students (PHSonly) and Form

F-102 DriverEducation Policy

F-103 Residency

F-104 EntranceAge

F-105 LifeThreatening Allergies

F-105R(MSD) Procedure: Life Threatening Allergies (MSD)

F-106 Idlingof Vehicles Other than School Buses

F-207 (PSD)* Student Drug and Alcohol Abuse (PSD only)

F-207R (PSD)* Procedure: Student Drug and Alcohol Abuse

*F-207(PSD) and F-207R(PSD) (formerly F-107(PSD) and F-107R(PSD)) were renumbered 2/2011 at the direction of the Systems Management Committee.